My wedding style mash-up

I have a hoarding problem with Iphone photos.  I just can’t bring myself to get rid of any of them, especially ones that document  the painstaking details of my wedding planning.  It’s been over a year and I definitely don’t need the photos of dresses that didn’t make the cut, or veil fittings that weren’t quite right, or random shoe options, favors that were good ideas although I knew I probably woudn’t have favors.  So there these photos will sit, in my hard drive forever and ever… until a few of them are liberated for a blog post like this one!–CM

Photo credits:
1. Indecision! One of the many dress fitting sessions /posted on Instagram
2.  Shoes that I ended up dyeing purple / Kate Spade Miranda shoe
3.  Love this Iphone case /
4.  The Sascha dress – those pockets were a deal breaker / J.Crew
5.  Veil & Clip purchased in a small store in the Fashion District
6.  Three String pearls  /by Casa Moda on Etsy

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