Island hopping in the Philippines


Last month I spent some time in the Philippines visiting some relatives, checking out some of the best beaches I have ever seen, getting sunburn, people watching, and generally enjoying the hiatus from my fast paced life.  I also overdid it with the delicious Filipino cuisine, I’ll have to save the food photos  for later, and yes there are more of those than I care to admit.  But for now, here are the highlights! – Cheers, CM

1. Philippine Airlines (though we flew ANA air which I highly recommend) || 2. Beach shots in Boracay || 3. Motorbike chaos in Boracay  || 4. In front of Ka Lui restaurant in Puerto Princesa, Palawan  || 5. Tagaytay  + Palawan || 6.Busy street in Puerto Princesa, Palawan || 7. On the ferry from Manila to Corrigedor Island || 8. Corrigedor || 9. Volcano view, Tagaytay || 9. Ka Lui, Puerto Princesa, Palawan || 10. Boracay

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