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I have rediscovered the joys of instagram after another long hiatus.   I’m back to posting more consistently the way I used to when IG was a little known fledgling app, back in the days when a hashtag made people go “a hash what?”.  Back then, I was actually excited about seeing how creative people could get with their photos or even how stealing a moment in the mundane could be beautiful.  I  looked forward to seeing what IGers across the city, across the country,across the world were posting.  It had been an interactive community by virtue of its very newness.  I’d get a comment, I’d comment back, it would keep going if we happen to like each others photos, it was like having a modern day pen pal but with visuals.  Everyone was brought together by a love of photographing the everyday and the enthusiasm for filters, borders and overall an instantaneous stylistic transformation of a photo all with a single click.

And then something happened.

My number of followers grew and grew, not by a lot compared to my IG friends with a 5 or 6 figure following, but there it was looming over me every time I checked IG, I’d start wondering if I was posting a photo because I was truly proud of it or if it was because it was what others wanted to see.   The question I wrestled with was my motive for sharing.  I am the type of person who tries to stay brutally honest in maintaining a creative style that is purely and uniquely my own, staying conscious of any influence when it comes to any of my work down even down to a photo taken on my phone.  So I stayed away wary of the popularity contest mentality.

But then I missed it and would sneak a peek sometimes.  In the end I resolved to come back because really, this is the reality that every creative deals with which is doing what your insticts tell you or being influenced trends if not subconsciously.  This was also the bare bones of what I learned at Feet First Sessions simply to stay true to yourself.  It’s so simple and applies to all things in life.  -Cheers, CM

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