Things I like lately

nyc wedding photographer-1



  • The wedding images I’ve been editing, like the above (more later!)
  • Eating in on weeknights and making simple savory meals that we actually take pride in (as opposed to the strange last minute concoctions we made or falling back on our bad habit of take out meals)
  • Less thinking and more doing
  • Planning out my year with some creative wall calendars, I like this one.  Also digging the selection on DailyCandy and over on Anne Sage’s blog
  • I would love to try one of these tea cocktails  (via NYTimes Magazine)
  • Found old photos, especially sassy ones…check out the series “Preserved Moments of Historical Sass” over on Messy Nessy chic blog.
  • Powering down before 10pm at night…2am was not an unusual bedtime for me last year (winter makes me tired!)
  • The hardcover book I’m reading of the Interestings by Meg Wolitzer

Happy weekend! – CM

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