Ethan + Emma Outtakes: 5 Reasons Why Twins Have It Awesome

How great would it be to have a twin?  This photo session I did for 7 month old twins Ethan + Emma exemplified why it would be so cool to be a twin. Here’s why:

jersey city photographer-5 Reason #1: always someone to goof off and crack up with
jersey city photographer-4Reason #2: always a shoulder to lean on
jersey city photographer-3Reason #3: a twin always has your back
jersey city photographer-1Reason #4: always someone to motivate you and cheer you on
jersey city photographer-2Reason #5: BFF for life…I guess this is true for all close siblings too, it’s just so fascinating the bond twins have so young and as they grow up together

jersey city photographer-6When parents Rod+Laura asked me to do the family portraits with Ethan + Emma at this age, I was beyond humbled especially knowing the amazing taste these two have when it comes to photography.

So seriously all the twins out there, how lucky are you?  -CM

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