Picnic Shoot for Hayneedle

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I always feel at a loss after Labor Day weekend.  It is the unofficial end to summer and who wouldn’t be bummed about that?  To add salt to the wound, just the other day I chucked my short unambitious summer to do the list in the trash.  Not a single item was crossed out, and folks it was a really pathetic list at that. Apparently while I was shooting my way through the summer, my plans of spending my free time outdoors completely fell by the wayside.  It was my first summer as a dedicated freelancer after all so managing my personal time is something I definitely need to get better at.

All things aside, I thought it would be fitting to wrap up the summer sharing a few images from a recent outdoor shoot I did for Hayneeedle, a home furnishings company.  The shoot was styled by Meyers Styles.  Head on over here and here if you’d like to see more!  Happy September! xo, CM


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