EIGHTY magI was so honored to be able to work with EIGHTY mag and the amazing talent assembled for this shoot.  It reinforced why I love working as a part of a creative editorial team.  Photographed above is Ali who runs the food blog, Inspiralized.  Melissa and the ladies of Beekman Lane, Julia and Lori, worked wonders styling such a bare space.  Rob was the art director on set and of course Marinell (girl boss of EIGHTY) produced the whole shoot with locally sourced products and brought us all together at the workspace of Rough Design Co

1.  Location Scouting at Rough Design Co. – photo by EIGHTY mag / 2. Shoot day – photo by EIGHTY mag /3. Wrapping up – photo by me / 4. Shooting food – photo by EIGHTY mag



….I lived in Jersey City  for a little over a decade, moving there straight out of college. I took a job as a barista at a  local cafe while job hunting and wondering what I was going to do with myself long term.  As an early twenty something,  I was still figuring a lot of things out and growing just like the city itself….


EIGHTY mag has been hosting local food events and bringing the community together in brilliant ways, championing Jersey City artists and other local businesses along the way.

This shoot also officially marks the first time I got to see my work in a print publication. A very proud moment for me.

Distribution is all over Jersey City, New York City, and other parts of New Jersey.  If you  have a chance to snag Issue #2 of the magazine (it’s free!) check out the two features I photographed ! – xo CM

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