SPRING FORWARD… and shooting at Breather


Daylight savings happened on Sunday but I am still feeling a little off.  And like this video from  John Oliver’s show I too can’t help ask the question “How is this still a thing?”

Earlier in the weekend when I was more on my game, I shot the above outtake during a shoot.  This was at one of the bigger Washington Square Breather rooms. I loved shooting here.


We  let this kiddo just be himself and have some fun.


I actually use Breather spaces for portrait sessions or product shoots throughout New York City.  I opt for the rooms with large lofty windows and white walls.  Almost all the rooms are furnished with couches and other comfy seating for everyone.

The bigger rooms also have meeting tables which work out well when I need to do product shoots with lighting equpiment and a tripod.

I was a part of a Breather photoshoot last summer, which was loads of fun.  I also got to make a small cameo on their website which was new to have the camera turned on me! – xo CM

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