As a freelance photographer, I spend long stretches of time tied to my desk editing images.  While I’m editing, I’ll listen to a podcast or two.  It’s a habit that keeps me energized and super motivated.  There’s so many podcasts out there, it took me awhile to nail down which specific shows I liked and could get behind.  Lately, I gravitate towards podcast topics centered around themes relevant to the creative freelancer.  These are usually about creativity, overcoming personal hurdles, running your own business, and living intentionally.  You don’t need to be a freelancer or in the creative industry in order to appreciate them either.

Here’s my roundup…

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1. After the Jump – This podcast by Grace Bonney of DesignSponge is my favorite.  Though the podcast has been on hiatus since December 2014, there’s about 100 episodes to peruse through and is a goldmine for anyone looking for conversations on design, creativity, and small business issues.  It boasts an impressive list of guest interviews, Grace herself being such a huge influencer.

2. The Lively ShowJess Lively’s podcast show is pretty popular and I can see why.  She’s interviewed guests such as Joy Cho of Oh Joy, Jen Gotch founder of Bando, Victoria Smith of SF Girl by Bay and so many others.  Topics are based on living values-based intentions as a means of achieving personal success rather than being focused more on actual outcomes, it’s an interesting concept meant to help us live intentionally without being so hard on ourselves.

3. Being Boss – I discovered this podcast through a tweet posted by Vanessa of Noirve (Thanks Vanessa!) The podcast is fairly new and I keep up with every single episode since there is so much practical advice specifically for people who have their own businesses.  It’s hosted by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon who are both successful entrepreneurs.

4.  ShopTalk Radio – I first heard of photographer, Nick Onken, a few years ago and then met him recently at an event where he was a speaker.  Nick did not start off on a traditional photography path, which is why I find his career so inspiring.  He’s gone on to photographing big name clients and celebrities.  Nick designs his podcast show specifically for creative entrepreneurs.

5. Elise Gets Crafty – When I first discovered this weekly podcast, I loved how easy it was to find a topic that resonated with me.  Elise Blaha Cripe who has been hosting the show for over a year now, is such a genuine and natural host.  I liked her instantly.  The conversations are geared toward growing a small business or on being creative.

6. One Part Podcast –  I stumbled upon this podcast quite recently on iTunes.  The show is hosted by Jessica Murnane and I was immediately drawn to the the topics which center on wellness, success, setbacks and actionable advice.  After learning a little more about Jessica through her website and podcast, I find her story to be pretty inspiring in and of itself.

Refinery29 also put together this list of entrepreneurial podcasts that would also be relevant to creative freelancing.  I have yet to check them out, but they seem pretty promising.  What do you think?

If you’ve got other podcasts recommendations, I’d love to check them out! – xo, CM

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