new york city product photographer-3Although I’ve worked on shoots for Hudson + Bleecker a few times before, I especially loved some of the work we did together for their Spring 2015 collection. Hudson + Bleecker is a luxury travel and lifestyle company whose many pieces are inspired by places.

new york city product photographer-5

For their Spring 2015 collection, many of the pieces were inspired by the Italian Riviera.  It was important for the imagery to reflect a sense of warmth and feeling of being in another country.

new york city product photographer-2

The concept involved a woman just settling into her hotel room somewhere in the Italian Riviera.

new york city product photographer-1

We imagine her unpacking and getting ready to take in the local sights or perhaps freshening up before enjoying her first night in town.

new york city product photographer-6new york city product photographer-7

Marisa Barnard, our professional model, was amazing to work with and I can’t recommend her enough.

new york city product photographer-8

When we did this shoot, it was freezing out and there were still remnants of snow and ice from the latest winter snow.

new york city product photographer-4It was at least really nice to pretend like we were in Cinque Terre on a leisurely vacation far far away from wintry New York City!  -CM

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