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A Sunday with Sofia

This portrait session with Sofia holds a special place in heart.  She is the daughter of two very dear friends of mine (whose engagement session I shot just a few short years ago).  When they asked me to shoot their first daughter’s portrait session, I felt so honored to be able to photograph their little one bringing their story full circle. -CM

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Feet First Sessions NYC 2012 with Our Labor of Love and Max Wanger Photography

Earlier in August I jumped on the opportunity to attend the Feet First workshop in Brooklyn run by Jesse & Whitney of Our Labor of Love and Max & Margaux of Max Wanger photography.  I can’t begin to explain how much I learned in just those 2 days, not just about photography but about staying true to your vision, trusting your instincts, and being yourself in your work.   We all received this tote full of great stuff like Tattly’s, we played with film from the Impossible Project on Polaroid cameras, we squeezed into the Smile Booth!  Did I also mention it was also a lot of fun?!  More photos on the Feet First tumblr . -Cheers! CM



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Party on! The Cream Event in New York last week…

After seeing the images from the Cream Event in LA, I knew that I just had to see what it was all about.  I knew it was a curated wedding event and that it would be different from the other wedding shows out there.  So when I found out they were holding it in New York next,  I got in touch with Paige and Kelly, the amazing duo behind Bash, Please to see if I could lend a hand.  They welcomed me on board for the day and I met some fabulous people, marveled at the visually illuminating vendor displays, and got to nibble on some pretty tasty food (maple bacon on a stick!).   Here are just a few iphone snapshots.


left to right:  glitter +  rye // glitter + rye // dance floor set up // dance floor confetti //mirrors in a suitcase // wall display set up behind stage // Give Away bags // awesome signage

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Taking cues from Wes

Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom yet?  I loved everything about it.  Every scene feels like a beautifully composed photograph.  Best line: “I love you but you don’t know what you’re talking about.”   Go see it and let me know what you think.  Bon Weekend!  -CM

PS  One creative couple loved Wes Anderson movies so much, they styled their Save the Date Video just like his movies. Love it!

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Sneak Peak: I’m ready for my close up…

Meet Sofia, a natural in front of the camera and rockin’ the best baby hair style I have ever seen.  Love it.  More to come.  -CM

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Ever have one of those fabulous vacations where you come back feeling recharged, refreshed, and ready for anything?  I recently came back from a two week long trip to Greece with friends.  We island hopped from Crete to Santorini to Mykonos before making our way back to scorching hot Athens.   Everywhere you turn there was something amazing to photograph.  It was also great to be able to reconnect with our best buds.  It was, hands down, one of the best vacations I’ve ever had.   Here are just a few highlights. –  Cheers, CM

Photos in order:

Fira, Santorini // Kamari Beach, Santorini // Oia, Santorini // Red Beach, Santorini // Mykonos // Mykonos

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Cheyenne Mojica featured in the New York Times!

…okay so that’s a bit of a stretch since I wasn’t even mentioned in the article.  But, the NY Times photographer did manage to get me front and center in a photo.  And in true Cheyenne fashion, I am snapping a photo.

This was taken during an Instagram photowalk last August in New York City.  There’s many Instagram photowalks that happen throughout the year in cities all over the world.  In fact, there’s one tomorrow in the Theater District in New York.

The article is called “Behind Instagram’s Success, Networking the Old Way.”  You can read it here.


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Spring forward!

Recently at Cheyenne Mojica Photography:

-It’s all about fun portrait & engagement sessions this Spring, can’t wait to share! Email for Spring 2012 price list.

-Had fun as a second shooter at a wedding on good ole’ St. Patrick’s Day (think classy green cocktails and gorgeous green bridal shoes!) Captured some authentic NY street photography moments complete with St. Patty’s Day revelers, cheering strangers in a subway car, and a full on crowd of marching Occupy demonstrators.  New York City really is a place where anything goes!  I owe a million thanks to fellow photographer friend Victor for lending me his collection of Canon lenses which did the job perfectly!  Thanks, Vic!


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My wedding style mash-up

I have a hoarding problem with Iphone photos.  I just can’t bring myself to get rid of any of them, especially ones that document  the painstaking details of my wedding planning.  It’s been over a year and I definitely don’t need the photos of dresses that didn’t make the cut, or veil fittings that weren’t quite right, or random shoe options, favors that were good ideas although I knew I probably woudn’t have favors.  So there these photos will sit, in my hard drive forever and ever… until a few of them are liberated for a blog post like this one!–CM

Photo credits:
1. Indecision! One of the many dress fitting sessions /posted on Instagram
2.  Shoes that I ended up dyeing purple / Kate Spade Miranda shoe
3.  Love this Iphone case /
4.  The Sascha dress – those pockets were a deal breaker / J.Crew
5.  Veil & Clip purchased in a small store in the Fashion District
6.  Three String pearls  /by Casa Moda on Etsy

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just an observation

image by Keri Smith on flickr

I’ve certainly been away too long! A few goings-on here at Cheyenne Mojica Photography:

-Just upgraded to Canon 5D MarkII from my trusty but antiquated Canon 30D  which I’ve had for years.  Boy what a major difference – I do stand firmly by the notion that it’s not the camera, but the photographer behind the camera, but this new camera certainly helps A LOT, especially when we’re talking about shooting in low light)

-Recently photographed interior shots for a lovely store in the neighborhood, hope to showcase those soon!

-Will be second shooting a wedding next month for the superbly talented Style Art Life.

Lastly, someone once told me that when you become too comfortable in something, you cease to grow.  Thought this diagram summed it up.  -CT








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