Confetti Birthday Shoot for Gala Darling

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Just a few outtakes from a festive birthday shoot for Gala Darling, an amazing (and prominently influential) writer/speaker/blogger who I got to photograph recently.   We had such a fun shoot, especially since we share a mutual love of confetti!  She’s got a book in the works as well, which I will most certainly be picking up since I just love her refreshing outlook. Jump on over to her blog to check out some of the really cool things she’s been doing.  I’ll actually be at one of the events later this month!    xo, CM

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Meet Amanda // Give a Girl a Shoe

Happy Fashion Week, NYC 🙂 I read my daily dose of style blogs, so I can safely say that I’ve got my finger to the pulse of the world of fashion.  If only my closet were well attuned to the world of fashion, I’m coming out of a black and white phase which is boring me out of my mind….Luckily, I surround myself with people who have better style sensibilities. Meet Amanda who runs the personal style blog, Give a Girl a Shoe.  As her photographer, I get some great insider style tips on where to snag items from her latest outfit.   Too bad I can’t really keep these insider style tips to myself since Amanda generously shares these details over on her blog. She’s got such a well appointed wardrobe that it was difficult to choose a few favorites for this post.  Click on the photos above for the jump to her outfit specific blog posts.  While you’re over there check out more of what we’ve been shooting!  xo, CM

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Picnic Shoot for Hayneedle

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I always feel at a loss after Labor Day weekend.  It is the unofficial end to summer and who wouldn’t be bummed about that?  To add salt to the wound, just the other day I chucked my short unambitious summer to do the list in the trash.  Not a single item was crossed out, and folks it was a really pathetic list at that. Apparently while I was shooting my way through the summer, my plans of spending my free time outdoors completely fell by the wayside.  It was my first summer as a dedicated freelancer after all so managing my personal time is something I definitely need to get better at.

All things aside, I thought it would be fitting to wrap up the summer sharing a few images from a recent outdoor shoot I did for Hayneeedle, a home furnishings company.  The shoot was styled by Meyers Styles.  Head on over here and here if you’d like to see more!  Happy September! xo, CM


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Interview Shoot // Feature on Career Contessa

I am a sucker for success stories, especially when they involve driven & intelligent women who are passionate about what they do and willing to share their pearls of wisdom.  So when Career Contessa  reached out to me regarding a shoot assignment, I didn’t even need a minute to think about it (and that’s out of character for me considering that I mull over everyyythiiing).  The featured Contessa being profiled was Hitha Palepu a savvy, globe trotting entrepreneur and well-known blogger who runs Hitha on the Go.  The shoot was done in her home office which hands down, has one of the best apartment views in Manhattan that I have ever seen.   You practically had to peel me off the windows.  And Hitha…she  is nothing short of amazing.  I mean, if you read her profile on Career Contessa you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about – while you’re over there, check out  more of the photos 😉  – Happy Monday, CM

career contessa_hitha palepucareer contessa_hitha palepucareer contessa_hitha palepu

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Interior Love // Feature on The Effortless Chic



Cheyenne Mojica Photography Cheyenne Mojica PhotographyCheyenne Mojica Photography

I was happy as a clam to see my work up on The Effortless Chic (one of my favorite blogs!) run by the brilliant wardrobe stylist Jen Pinkston.   Katie Meyers, of Meyers Styles was featured and everything came together so nicely, I really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect shoot.

I had kept it under wraps for awhile but seriously it was difficult containing my overwhelming excitement while I was working with Jen and Katie the weeks prior.

For this particular Sneak a Peek feature, I photographed Katie’s dining room.  I’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with her more than once, so I already had a feel for her gorgeous well-lit space.    Katie is such an entertaining genius and we clicked instantly, plus she serves up these super delicious cinnamon rolls every time I am there, yum.

Our friends over at Karma Flowers teamed up as well and provided the eye catching floral arrangements – love the pops of color, they did brilliant work as usual!

Head on over to The Effortless Chic feature to see the complete interview and for more photos! -CM


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Things I like lately – Almost Summer Edition

Just a few things I’ve been liking lately …

Celebrating a thirty something birthday in Montauk planned by the hubby.  Here’s some from the iphone

        cheyenne mojica


Tea’s Tea matcha green tea lattes which have way too much sugar but I still loooove

This quote…


” To live is the rarest thing in the world

Most people exist, that is all   “

                                                      -Oscar Wilde



Kale pesto pasta with sunflower seeds which I used instead of pine nuts, seriously guys, it was a winner as far as kale recipes go.  Here’s one I pinned from Rue Magazine’s blog.


Remembering my childhood in Africa a post over on instagram …and below

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


The brilliant work of Hideaki Hamada  I couldn’t get enough of his flickr feed.  His work has been  featured in Kinfolk Magazine



Buying custom pieces of furniture from a local Jersey City vendor, Made in Paulus Hoeck.  We recently bought from them an awesome coffee table with an industrial feel and made from reclaimed wood.  Excited about the new pieces being worked on now!



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Dylan + Sofia // my portrait shooting style

nyc portrait photographer

I usually have an idea of how I’ll approach a portrait session days before the shoot.  Really really!

I could make my life easier and solely rely on an app to gather visuals, but I am an old soul and also like to write or sketch ideas in an idea style book (I am note taking nerd, what can I say!)  Inspiration comes daily and collected from unusual places: a sweet moment I notice while people watching, artwork at a museum,  or something seemingly irrelevant like color schemes.  When I shot siblings Dylan + Sofia’s portrait session I already had some ideas and posing in mind to help move things along.  Also, I wanted to execute these as quickly as possible (because let’s face it babies have their own agendas!)  However, these two had much better things in store for me.

I never expected that Dylan & Sofia’s shoot would turn out the way it did because I surrendered to the moment…in not so many words.   This was somewhat difficult for me because as a photographer I am admittedly a control freak.  But, after noticing Sofia’s larger than life personality and Dylan’s calm and curious demeanor, we decided to let the moment unfold spontaneously as a way to capture their personalities just as they are especially side by side.  The image above looks just like how it felt, no posing… Sofia was asked to hug her brother and so did this for us, laughing hysterically and affectionately clutching to him while he scoped out the scenery with those curious big blue eyes.   Moments later we captured her energy and free spirit jumping on the bed because that is what she felt like at the time.

Us photographers like to control as much as we can from the lighting in our surroundings to camera settings and down to posing if our client wants us to.  It takes a brilliant photographer to be able to adapt to the elements available and control what they can while letting things organically unfold so you have beautiful images that look pure and natural (because the moments really are pure and natural!).  I like to think that my portrait shooting style has evolved to just that, less posing and more interaction to get just the perfect images that speak to who you are. – CM

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Featured on HGTV


nyc editorial photographer-5nyc editorial photographer-7nyc editorial photographer-9nyc editorial photographer-4nyc editorial photographer-10nyc editorial photographer-11nyc editorial photographer-12nyc editorial photographer-3


I worked on a shoot featured on HGTV !  Can’t even express how overjoyed I am about this feature!

The styling tips, ideas and DIY’s were all done by the talented Katie Meyers of Meyers Styles.  The amazing floral arrangements were lovingly put together by Karma Flowers.

So many pretty visuals…check out the entire collection over here .

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Saturdays Surf NYC


Saturdays Surf NYC is a surf shop / cafe with two locations in New York.  Being there made me long for summer surf season.  I am not a great surfer, by any means, actually the opposite.   It’s the perfectionist in me that keeps going back into the ocean for more.  Once I got over the numerous surfboard face plants, tumbling around in the waves, and the fear of drowning, I totally fell in love with the feeling of exhilaration and serenity once I could get up on the board and ride a wave.  I shot these in Saturdays Surf NYC Soho location.  The courtyard in the back is also worth checking out, such a relaxing place to unwind with a cup of coffee or tea.   -CM

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Kinfolk West Elm Market – Brooklyn

Back in the fall, I went to a Kinfolk dinner superbly hosted at West Elm Market in Brooklyn.   I had been reluctant to go on my own, but I’m so glad I did.  I met some really interesting people that night and sampled some cheese, olives and had some pretty savory dishes at dinner.  My dinner companions started out as strangers but by the end of the night we were laughing and exchanging stories like old friends.  A few tidbits were shared about the intricacies of Turkish street food, food blogging, traveling in New York from the perspective of a European tourist, and which NYC restaurant has the most authentic ramen.  It’s amazing how sharing delicious food on a communal table really brings people together.   I only snapped a few photos since I was so preoccupied in conversation and of course eating!  If you have a chance to go to a Kinfolk dinner in your city, I definitely recommend it! -CM

kinfolk brooklyn-1kinfolk brooklyn-2kinfolk brooklyn-3kinfolk brooklyn-4

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