Things I like lately : Valentine’s Day Edition



Happy Valentine’s Day!  Since it’s been awhile since my last Things I like lately post, I thought I’d add a few visuals of the things that have caught my attention lately.

1. Korres – I love the Korres line, especially anything that does wonders for dry winter skin, smells good, and doesn’t make me worry about too many chemicals.  When I was in Greece, I had a field day at the local pharmacies, stocking up on everything Korres from eyeliner to bug spray. |  2. Valentine’s card from Hammerpress | 3.  Love Poems by Pablo Neruda | 4. A card for Valentine’s Day from Nightingale Projects  | 5. I need a lamp like this one for my bedside reads! Lamp from Onefortythree via Shop Sweet Things blog |  6. Mid-Century Modern furniture – my pinterest boards dedicated to modern living spaces say it all.  The one above is from West Elm.  | 7.  Weekend Almanac Magazine and the accompanying print, can’t wait until it comes in the mail! -CM


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Ethan + Emma Outtakes: 5 Reasons Why Twins Have It Awesome

How great would it be to have a twin?  This photo session I did for 7 month old twins Ethan + Emma exemplified why it would be so cool to be a twin. Here’s why:

jersey city photographer-5 Reason #1: always someone to goof off and crack up with
jersey city photographer-4Reason #2: always a shoulder to lean on
jersey city photographer-3Reason #3: a twin always has your back
jersey city photographer-1Reason #4: always someone to motivate you and cheer you on
jersey city photographer-2Reason #5: BFF for life…I guess this is true for all close siblings too, it’s just so fascinating the bond twins have so young and as they grow up together

jersey city photographer-6When parents Rod+Laura asked me to do the family portraits with Ethan + Emma at this age, I was beyond humbled especially knowing the amazing taste these two have when it comes to photography.

So seriously all the twins out there, how lucky are you?  -CM

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Everyone, meet Graham!

I wanted to share bits of this newborn shoot which nearly melted my heart!  I might as well have been a big puddle of photographer mush, because that can happen when you photograph adorable babies and their siblings.  This beautiful family had just welcomed this adorable little guy only a few days before.  Such an honor to have been chosen to record these genuine moments for them!  – CM

nyc portrait photographer-2nyc portrait photographer-2

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Things I like lately

nyc wedding photographer-1



  • The wedding images I’ve been editing, like the above (more later!)
  • Eating in on weeknights and making simple savory meals that we actually take pride in (as opposed to the strange last minute concoctions we made or falling back on our bad habit of take out meals)
  • Less thinking and more doing
  • Planning out my year with some creative wall calendars, I like this one.  Also digging the selection on DailyCandy and over on Anne Sage’s blog
  • I would love to try one of these tea cocktails  (via NYTimes Magazine)
  • Found old photos, especially sassy ones…check out the series “Preserved Moments of Historical Sass” over on Messy Nessy chic blog.
  • Powering down before 10pm at night…2am was not an unusual bedtime for me last year (winter makes me tired!)
  • The hardcover book I’m reading of the Interestings by Meg Wolitzer

Happy weekend! – CM

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Bryant Park Holiday Party

Over on facebook, I posted a sneak peek at a black and white masquerade holiday party I shot at Bryant Park Grill.  Thought I’d share a few more of the venue space.  The tent we were under was translucent so the buildings near Bryant Park were towering overhead which made for some pretty cool scenery.  Would love to go back there and perhaps shoot a wedding.  Any takers? Have a good rest of the week – CM

nyc event photographer-1nyc event photographer-2nyc event photographer-3nyc event photographer-4nyc event photographer-5


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Things I like lately

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to share more frequently on this blog.  Last year the posts here were very few and far between.  That definitely needs to change.  Even though there have been a lot of exciting things going on lately, there was always some other task that took priority.   But that will always be the case! No matter how busy things get, I wanted to try a new series  each Friday highlighting some interesting links and some things that I like or find interesting lately.  Here we go:

-Maxing and relaxing, eating good food, and spending some much needed quality time with family

-I don’t usually follow celebrity couples, but Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet (above) are my new faves

-Indulging in obscenely delicious Affogato (via

Vivienne Maier self portrait exhibit at Howard Greenberg Gallery in NYC,  ending this Saturday Jan 4!

-Second chances in 2014

Have a stellar weekend! Cheers -CM

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Holiday Portraits

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Lately on Instagram


I have rediscovered the joys of instagram after another long hiatus.   I’m back to posting more consistently the way I used to when IG was a little known fledgling app, back in the days when a hashtag made people go “a hash what?”.  Back then, I was actually excited about seeing how creative people could get with their photos or even how stealing a moment in the mundane could be beautiful.  I  looked forward to seeing what IGers across the city, across the country,across the world were posting.  It had been an interactive community by virtue of its very newness.  I’d get a comment, I’d comment back, it would keep going if we happen to like each others photos, it was like having a modern day pen pal but with visuals.  Everyone was brought together by a love of photographing the everyday and the enthusiasm for filters, borders and overall an instantaneous stylistic transformation of a photo all with a single click.

And then something happened.

My number of followers grew and grew, not by a lot compared to my IG friends with a 5 or 6 figure following, but there it was looming over me every time I checked IG, I’d start wondering if I was posting a photo because I was truly proud of it or if it was because it was what others wanted to see.   The question I wrestled with was my motive for sharing.  I am the type of person who tries to stay brutally honest in maintaining a creative style that is purely and uniquely my own, staying conscious of any influence when it comes to any of my work down even down to a photo taken on my phone.  So I stayed away wary of the popularity contest mentality.

But then I missed it and would sneak a peek sometimes.  In the end I resolved to come back because really, this is the reality that every creative deals with which is doing what your insticts tell you or being influenced trends if not subconsciously.  This was also the bare bones of what I learned at Feet First Sessions simply to stay true to yourself.  It’s so simple and applies to all things in life.  -Cheers, CM

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Creative Mornings Photographer

Earlier this year I had two opportunities to be the Creative Mornings NYC photographer.  Creative Mornings is a monthly series of breakfast talks for the creative community.  It was started in NYC by Tina Roth Eisenberg (Swissmiss) in 2008 and is now in 57 cities all over the world.  I was the happiest photographer ever when I was asked to return a second time to shoot the Creative Mornings with Seth Godin, talk about a packed house!  Tickets are free, but you have to get them fast (as in within the first hour they are released fast).  I highly recommend checking it out!  -CM

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Croteaux Winery

To say I love this place is an understatement.  Crouteax is one of those vineyards that makes you feel like you are miles and miles away from New York City.  Nestled just in the North Fork of Long Island, it’s well worth the the trip especially if you like Rose (check), the French country-side (check) and lounging around the household section of Anthropologie pretending its your living room (check).   It’s obvious that the owners put just as much TLC into the design details as they do into winemaking.    So glad some of my gal pals and I stopped in here on a recent trip to Hamptons/Montauk.   Just trying to savor the remnants of summer weather that we have left here in the Northeastern part of the US!   -Cheers, CM

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