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Lately on Instagram


I have rediscovered the joys of instagram after another long hiatus.   I’m back to posting more consistently the way I used to when IG was a little known fledgling app, back in the days when a hashtag made people go “a hash what?”.  Back then, I was actually excited about seeing how creative people could get with their photos or even how stealing a moment in the mundane could be beautiful.  I  looked forward to seeing what IGers across the city, across the country,across the world were posting.  It had been an interactive community by virtue of its very newness.  I’d get a comment, I’d comment back, it would keep going if we happen to like each others photos, it was like having a modern day pen pal but with visuals.  Everyone was brought together by a love of photographing the everyday and the enthusiasm for filters, borders and overall an instantaneous stylistic transformation of a photo all with a single click.

And then something happened.

My number of followers grew and grew, not by a lot compared to my IG friends with a 5 or 6 figure following, but there it was looming over me every time I checked IG, I’d start wondering if I was posting a photo because I was truly proud of it or if it was because it was what others wanted to see.   The question I wrestled with was my motive for sharing.  I am the type of person who tries to stay brutally honest in maintaining a creative style that is purely and uniquely my own, staying conscious of any influence when it comes to any of my work down even down to a photo taken on my phone.  So I stayed away wary of the popularity contest mentality.

But then I missed it and would sneak a peek sometimes.  In the end I resolved to come back because really, this is the reality that every creative deals with which is doing what your insticts tell you or being influenced trends if not subconsciously.  This was also the bare bones of what I learned at Feet First Sessions simply to stay true to yourself.  It’s so simple and applies to all things in life.  -Cheers, CM

Creative Mornings Photographer

Earlier this year I had two opportunities to be the Creative Mornings NYC photographer.  Creative Mornings is a monthly series of breakfast talks for the creative community.  It was started in NYC by Tina Roth Eisenberg (Swissmiss) in 2008 and is now in 57 cities all over the world.  I was the happiest photographer ever when I was asked to return a second time to shoot the Creative Mornings with Seth Godin, talk about a packed house!  Tickets are free, but you have to get them fast (as in within the first hour they are released fast).  I highly recommend checking it out!  -CM

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Our friends at Shoten Studios made us a video!

Cheyenne Mojica Photography from Shoten Studios on Vimeo.

Huge thanks Shoten Studios, you did an amazing job!

Tumbling along

Bet you didn’t know I had a tumblr page.  Apparently I didn’t seem to know either… since I seriously forgot about it.  Well I’m happy to say that after over a year of neglect, I’m reviving my tumblr account.  I initially created it a few years ago to visually document everything like I always did, pre-instagram.  You can find me there for a glimpse behind the scenes, since I tend to use this blog to showcase finished shoots and for client work.  Cheers! – CM

Sneak Peek : Elopement Shoot in Long Branch, New Jersey

A quick glimpse at this stylized shoot in October, weeks before Hurricane Sandy.  More to follow – Cheers, CM


Feet First Sessions NYC 2012 with Our Labor of Love and Max Wanger Photography

Earlier in August I jumped on the opportunity to attend the Feet First workshop in Brooklyn run by Jesse & Whitney of Our Labor of Love and Max & Margaux of Max Wanger photography.  I can’t begin to explain how much I learned in just those 2 days, not just about photography but about staying true to your vision, trusting your instincts, and being yourself in your work.   We all received this tote full of great stuff like Tattly’s, we played with film from the Impossible Project on Polaroid cameras, we squeezed into the Smile Booth!  Did I also mention it was also a lot of fun?!  More photos on the Feet First tumblr . -Cheers! CM



Party on! The Cream Event in New York last week…

After seeing the images from the Cream Event in LA, I knew that I just had to see what it was all about.  I knew it was a curated wedding event and that it would be different from the other wedding shows out there.  So when I found out they were holding it in New York next,  I got in touch with Paige and Kelly, the amazing duo behind Bash, Please to see if I could lend a hand.  They welcomed me on board for the day and I met some fabulous people, marveled at the visually illuminating vendor displays, and got to nibble on some pretty tasty food (maple bacon on a stick!).   Here are just a few iphone snapshots.


left to right:  glitter +  rye // glitter + rye // dance floor set up // dance floor confetti //mirrors in a suitcase // wall display set up behind stage // Give Away bags // awesome signage

Spring forward!

Recently at Cheyenne Mojica Photography:

-It’s all about fun portrait & engagement sessions this Spring, can’t wait to share! Email for Spring 2012 price list.

-Had fun as a second shooter at a wedding on good ole’ St. Patrick’s Day (think classy green cocktails and gorgeous green bridal shoes!) Captured some authentic NY street photography moments complete with St. Patty’s Day revelers, cheering strangers in a subway car, and a full on crowd of marching Occupy demonstrators.  New York City really is a place where anything goes!  I owe a million thanks to fellow photographer friend Victor for lending me his collection of Canon lenses which did the job perfectly!  Thanks, Vic!


Out-takes from cutest shoot ever


Just yesterday I did portraits of these two adorable munchkins.  The oldest one is my god-daughter and is one of the most entertaining people I know.   It’s the second year I’ve shot their Christmas portraits, but this year between myself, the hubby, and their mommy, there was certainly no problem keeping the energy level up just to keep them smiling and laughing.  Aside from the baby trying to eat everything in sight, it was a breeze and a great way to cap off the Thanksgiving holiday weekend! – CM

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