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Central Park Maternity Photos-12Its been awhile since this portrait shoot, but I wanted to share these maternity photos I did for this sweet couple! Since then I’ve returned a few more times to shoot portraits near the Boathouse and Bethseda Terrace.  Continue reading »

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HIGH LINE ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS // A Morning Walk Through the High Line

I wanted to share an engagement shoot I did for a really cool couple I got to know.  We were brought together by Instagram and then one Insta-meet (and over three years later) we re-connected and I was asked to shoot their engagement photos.highline engagement the High Line no less ….which I consider the mother of all engagement shoot locations. Continue reading »

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Saturdays Surf NYC


Saturdays Surf NYC is a surf shop / cafe with two locations in New York.  Being there made me long for summer surf season.  I am not a great surfer, by any means, actually the opposite.   It’s the perfectionist in me that keeps going back into the ocean for more.  Once I got over the numerous surfboard face plants, tumbling around in the waves, and the fear of drowning, I totally fell in love with the feeling of exhilaration and serenity once I could get up on the board and ride a wave.  I shot these in Saturdays Surf NYC Soho location.  The courtyard in the back is also worth checking out, such a relaxing place to unwind with a cup of coffee or tea.   -CM

Kinfolk West Elm Market – Brooklyn

Back in the fall, I went to a Kinfolk dinner superbly hosted at West Elm Market in Brooklyn.   I had been reluctant to go on my own, but I’m so glad I did.  I met some really interesting people that night and sampled some cheese, olives and had some pretty savory dishes at dinner.  My dinner companions started out as strangers but by the end of the night we were laughing and exchanging stories like old friends.  A few tidbits were shared about the intricacies of Turkish street food, food blogging, traveling in New York from the perspective of a European tourist, and which NYC restaurant has the most authentic ramen.  It’s amazing how sharing delicious food on a communal table really brings people together.   I only snapped a few photos since I was so preoccupied in conversation and of course eating!  If you have a chance to go to a Kinfolk dinner in your city, I definitely recommend it! -CM

kinfolk brooklyn-1kinfolk brooklyn-2kinfolk brooklyn-3kinfolk brooklyn-4

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Bryant Park Holiday Party

Over on facebook, I posted a sneak peek at a black and white masquerade holiday party I shot at Bryant Park Grill.  Thought I’d share a few more of the venue space.  The tent we were under was translucent so the buildings near Bryant Park were towering overhead which made for some pretty cool scenery.  Would love to go back there and perhaps shoot a wedding.  Any takers? Have a good rest of the week – CM

nyc event photographer-1nyc event photographer-2nyc event photographer-3nyc event photographer-4nyc event photographer-5


Creative Mornings Photographer

Earlier this year I had two opportunities to be the Creative Mornings NYC photographer.  Creative Mornings is a monthly series of breakfast talks for the creative community.  It was started in NYC by Tina Roth Eisenberg (Swissmiss) in 2008 and is now in 57 cities all over the world.  I was the happiest photographer ever when I was asked to return a second time to shoot the Creative Mornings with Seth Godin, talk about a packed house!  Tickets are free, but you have to get them fast (as in within the first hour they are released fast).  I highly recommend checking it out!  -CM

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Croteaux Winery

To say I love this place is an understatement.  Crouteax is one of those vineyards that makes you feel like you are miles and miles away from New York City.  Nestled just in the North Fork of Long Island, it’s well worth the the trip especially if you like Rose (check), the French country-side (check) and lounging around the household section of Anthropologie pretending its your living room (check).   It’s obvious that the owners put just as much TLC into the design details as they do into winemaking.    So glad some of my gal pals and I stopped in here on a recent trip to Hamptons/Montauk.   Just trying to savor the remnants of summer weather that we have left here in the Northeastern part of the US!   -Cheers, CM

Island hopping in the Philippines


Last month I spent some time in the Philippines visiting some relatives, checking out some of the best beaches I have ever seen, getting sunburn, people watching, and generally enjoying the hiatus from my fast paced life.  I also overdid it with the delicious Filipino cuisine, I’ll have to save the food photos  for later, and yes there are more of those than I care to admit.  But for now, here are the highlights! – Cheers, CM

1. Philippine Airlines (though we flew ANA air which I highly recommend) || 2. Beach shots in Boracay || 3. Motorbike chaos in Boracay  || 4. In front of Ka Lui restaurant in Puerto Princesa, Palawan  || 5. Tagaytay  + Palawan || 6.Busy street in Puerto Princesa, Palawan || 7. On the ferry from Manila to Corrigedor Island || 8. Corrigedor || 9. Volcano view, Tagaytay || 9. Ka Lui, Puerto Princesa, Palawan || 10. Boracay

Museum of Modern Art, New York

No matter how many times I’ve been to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, it always manages to remain impressive.   I am enamored by this  space and always feel like I am walking into a gigantic funhouse with staircases criscrossing in plain sight but that seem to lead nowhere.  It’s unique interior layout makes for some interesting shooting angles, so the shooting options are endless.  You can shoot from a really high floor and look down below (don’t drop your phone or camera!) or straight across onto another balcony or in the case of the last photo, across the courtyard into another part building.  Although if heights is a problem for you, don’t look down over the balconies, they’re quite high.  I am terrified of heights, but the fear is diminished when peering behind a lens, which makes no sense to me, but hey it works! ….. Happy Friday! -CM


Ever have one of those fabulous vacations where you come back feeling recharged, refreshed, and ready for anything?  I recently came back from a two week long trip to Greece with friends.  We island hopped from Crete to Santorini to Mykonos before making our way back to scorching hot Athens.   Everywhere you turn there was something amazing to photograph.  It was also great to be able to reconnect with our best buds.  It was, hands down, one of the best vacations I’ve ever had.   Here are just a few highlights. –  Cheers, CM

Photos in order:

Fira, Santorini // Kamari Beach, Santorini // Oia, Santorini // Red Beach, Santorini // Mykonos // Mykonos