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Dylan + Sofia // my portrait shooting style

nyc portrait photographer

I usually have an idea of how I’ll approach a portrait session days before the shoot.  Really really!

I could make my life easier and solely rely on an app to gather visuals, but I am an old soul and also like to write or sketch ideas in an idea style book (I am note taking nerd, what can I say!)  Inspiration comes daily and collected from unusual places: a sweet moment I notice while people watching, artwork at a museum,  or something seemingly irrelevant like color schemes.  When I shot siblings Dylan + Sofia’s portrait session I already had some ideas and posing in mind to help move things along.  Also, I wanted to execute these as quickly as possible (because let’s face it babies have their own agendas!)  However, these two had much better things in store for me.

I never expected that Dylan & Sofia’s shoot would turn out the way it did because I surrendered to the moment…in not so many words.   This was somewhat difficult for me because as a photographer I am admittedly a control freak.  But, after noticing Sofia’s larger than life personality and Dylan’s calm and curious demeanor, we decided to let the moment unfold spontaneously as a way to capture their personalities just as they are especially side by side.  The image above looks just like how it felt, no posing… Sofia was asked to hug her brother and so did this for us, laughing hysterically and affectionately clutching to him while he scoped out the scenery with those curious big blue eyes.   Moments later we captured her energy and free spirit jumping on the bed because that is what she felt like at the time.

Us photographers like to control as much as we can from the lighting in our surroundings to camera settings and down to posing if our client wants us to.  It takes a brilliant photographer to be able to adapt to the elements available and control what they can while letting things organically unfold so you have beautiful images that look pure and natural (because the moments really are pure and natural!).  I like to think that my portrait shooting style has evolved to just that, less posing and more interaction to get just the perfect images that speak to who you are. – CM

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Ethan + Emma Outtakes: 5 Reasons Why Twins Have It Awesome

How great would it be to have a twin?  This photo session I did for 7 month old twins Ethan + Emma exemplified why it would be so cool to be a twin. Here’s why:

jersey city photographer-5 Reason #1: always someone to goof off and crack up with
jersey city photographer-4Reason #2: always a shoulder to lean on
jersey city photographer-3Reason #3: a twin always has your back
jersey city photographer-1Reason #4: always someone to motivate you and cheer you on
jersey city photographer-2Reason #5: BFF for life…I guess this is true for all close siblings too, it’s just so fascinating the bond twins have so young and as they grow up together

jersey city photographer-6When parents Rod+Laura asked me to do the family portraits with Ethan + Emma at this age, I was beyond humbled especially knowing the amazing taste these two have when it comes to photography.

So seriously all the twins out there, how lucky are you?  -CM

Everyone, meet Graham!

I wanted to share bits of this newborn shoot which nearly melted my heart!  I might as well have been a big puddle of photographer mush, because that can happen when you photograph adorable babies and their siblings.  This beautiful family had just welcomed this adorable little guy only a few days before.  Such an honor to have been chosen to record these genuine moments for them!  – CM

nyc portrait photographer-2nyc portrait photographer-2

Holiday Portraits

Bec + Mike : Sneak Peek

Thought I’d share this especially sweet moment…I absolutely loved photographing these two.  More in a bit! – CM


And introducing Janie!

Almost a year ago I was asked to shoot maternity photos for this lovely family. So I was thrilled when I was invited back to shoot photos of their little one, Janie!    How adorable is she?  I honestly think she felt like she was the one entertaining me instead of the other way around, I found her so amusing and funny.   She was all smiles and very curious about the camera she kept reaching out for it like she wanted her turn.    Something tells me we might have a future photographer on our hands?  -CM

Sneak Peak at Janie’s Portrait Session

The last shoot we did together was when she was still in her mommy’s tummy. So many sweet moments captured on this shoot. Can’t wait to finish prepping these photos so I can share them already! More soon! -CM


Stylized Elopement Shoot in Long Branch New Jersey

These are my favorite images from the stylized shoot we did in the fall.  The trip I took to Greece  this summer was still fresh on my mind and I was hoping to wrap up the last few warm days with this low-key elopement shoot I had been envisioning for quite some time.  Each sunset bathed frame was my way of trying to hold on to one of the most amazing summers I’ve had.  This shoot took place in Long Branch New Jersey, my first time to this beach and also weeks before super storm Sandy swept the area.  After seeing Sandy’s damage to this area on the news, it was hard to believe this was the same beachfront community.  Like many super-storm Sandy victims greatly affected, it will take some time to get back to normal and I wish the community all the best for a speedy recovery.  A big thanks to my models Kerri and Charlie as well as Shōten Studios for filming for bits and pieces for an upcoming video. -CM

Engaged | Kathy + Jason

From the marina where Jason proposed to Kathy, to the track and field of Old Bridge High School where Kathy ran track and where they both went to school and first fell in love,  to the color coordinated t-shirts they wore as a throw-back to their high school days, the details for this shoot were so near and dear to their hearts.   Even as they were describing the locations to me before having met them, I knew right away it would be a great session.  Then as I was editing these photos, I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite songs “You and Me” by Penny and the Quarters.  It was so perfect and fitting I couldn’t imagine any other song for their slideshow. Congratulations you two! Cheers, CM


A Sunday with Sofia

This portrait session with Sofia holds a special place in heart.  She is the daughter of two very dear friends of mine (whose engagement session I shot just a few short years ago).  When they asked me to shoot their first daughter’s portrait session, I felt so honored to be able to photograph their little one bringing their story full circle. -CM