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new york city product photographer-3Although I’ve worked on shoots for Hudson + Bleecker a few times before, I especially loved some of the work we did together for their Spring 2015 collection. Hudson + Bleecker is Continue reading »



gift ideas for photographerThe holidays are here, are you ready? My last shoot of the year is today, so afterwards I intend on focusing on getting things together for the holidays including doing some last minute shopping (the worst kind of shopping).

If you’re on the same boat and are still stumped about what to give your favorite photo enthusiast, I can gladly help in that department.  Here’s my round-up of 10 great holiday gift ideas for the shutterbug in your life. Continue reading »

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stylish backpacks

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Strolling the camera bag aisles of B&HPhoto one day, I became resigned to thinking that it was just not possible to find a camera bag that would be a) stylish – by this I mean the sleek, minimalist style I’ve been tending toward these days b) comfortable to wear almost all day, a backpack would do the job evenly distributing the weight of heavy gear c) discreet…and won’t scream – hey, i’m carrying thousands of dollars of equipment on me.

As much as I love B&H, I just haven’t found a camera bag company that I could really get behind. So, I left B&H feeling sort of bummed and yes, I may or may not have left with a pocket full of those candies they give out on every counter….

Lesson learned, if you want something done you have to do it yourself.  So I decided to create my own DSLR bag opting for smaller, understated backpacks that I could wear casually when not working.  Thankfully backpacks have come a long way from the bulky back to school variety!  So drumroll please….here’s my own round up of ten every day (adult-ish) backpacks which based on their dimensions should fit at least one or two lenses and a DSLR camera body.  Huzzah!

And don’t forget the cushion for those bad boys…a DSLR bag often comes with cushion built in or removable inserts with partitions to separate the lenses.  There are a few companies that make camera insert cushions in all different dimensions, here’s one that could work for smaller backpacks.  In my case, I already had a camera insert cushion handy which happen to fit perfectly in the backpack I use (#1 above, I love how compact and  surprisingly sturdy it is).

As a side note for any guys reading this post,  #3 made by Kika NY is unisex and I personally like the Herschel brands for men too.

If you have any other backpack recommendations or reviews, feel free to chime in…I’d love to hear them! xo CM

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My wedding style mash-up

I have a hoarding problem with Iphone photos.  I just can’t bring myself to get rid of any of them, especially ones that document  the painstaking details of my wedding planning.  It’s been over a year and I definitely don’t need the photos of dresses that didn’t make the cut, or veil fittings that weren’t quite right, or random shoe options, favors that were good ideas although I knew I probably woudn’t have favors.  So there these photos will sit, in my hard drive forever and ever… until a few of them are liberated for a blog post like this one!–CM

Photo credits:
1. Indecision! One of the many dress fitting sessions /posted on Instagram
2.  Shoes that I ended up dyeing purple / Kate Spade Miranda shoe
3.  Love this Iphone case /
4.  The Sascha dress – those pockets were a deal breaker / J.Crew
5.  Veil & Clip purchased in a small store in the Fashion District
6.  Three String pearls  /by Casa Moda on Etsy

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