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Meet Amanda // Give a Girl a Shoe

Happy Fashion Week, NYC 🙂 I read my daily dose of style blogs, so I can safely say that I’ve got my finger to the pulse of the world of fashion.  If only my closet were well attuned to the world of fashion, I’m coming out of a black and white phase which is boring me out of my mind….Luckily, I surround myself with people who have better style sensibilities. Meet Amanda who runs the personal style blog, Give a Girl a Shoe.  As her photographer, I get some great insider style tips on where to snag items from her latest outfit.   Too bad I can’t really keep these insider style tips to myself since Amanda generously shares these details over on her blog. She’s got such a well appointed wardrobe that it was difficult to choose a few favorites for this post.  Click on the photos above for the jump to her outfit specific blog posts.  While you’re over there check out more of what we’ve been shooting!  xo, CM

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