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Some photographers probably wouldn’t do it, some people will do it by accident, if it’s way too much then you just might not like it.  But me…I tame it…I’m not afraid of it.  I will actually do it on purpose.  If you’re shooting with me, be prepared….

nyc lifestyle photographer

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Interview Shoot // Feature on Career Contessa

I am a sucker for success stories, especially when they involve driven & intelligent women who are passionate about what they do and willing to share their pearls of wisdom.  So when Career Contessa  reached out to me regarding a shoot assignment, I didn’t even need a minute to think about it (and that’s out of character for me considering that I mull over everyyythiiing).  The featured Contessa being profiled was Hitha Palepu a savvy, globe trotting entrepreneur and well-known blogger who runs Hitha on the Go.  The shoot was done in her home office which hands down, has one of the best apartment views in Manhattan that I have ever seen.   You practically had to peel me off the windows.  And Hitha…she  is nothing short of amazing.  I mean, if you read her profile on Career Contessa you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about – while you’re over there, check out  more of the photos 😉  – Happy Monday, CM

career contessa_hitha palepucareer contessa_hitha palepucareer contessa_hitha palepu

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